Game of Black and White

Sun, 07/17/2016 - 13:47 -- noone3

You went down to play?

That's their game of night or day

Gents’ swig, gals’ sway

Six nights to sin, 7th to pray



What’s with all the fright?

That's their game of black or white

Masks on, hold tight

Once one eyes left, bad burns right



Tough to see the truth?

That's their game of me or you

Mock lines, few drew

Sides shaped with points vain, too shrewd




Look up! Snap out of your daze!

It’s your game child

Climb on up out of their maze

Please take back your smile


Play you now.



Breathe slow! Let go and let be!

It’s your game child

Love you much. I know. I see

Too smooth is true style


Play you now.



Feel whole! World is yours, just reach!

You are game child

Full is love. Sow back once reaped

Let your deeds speak how


Play god now.

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Our world


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