The Story of Red

There once was a girl,

who’s hair twirled in a gentle curl.

This girl’s was named Red,

because of the blood she had shed,

such a sad story to behold.

A prophecy had foretold

that she was the one to end it all.

Her skin was as pale as a porcelain doll,

her lips vibrant and plump.

her eyes holding gold clumps,

they were a bright green, an emerald, a gem.

When born, she had no knowledge that she was to be condemned,

such a silly thing for a newborn to think.

Sixteen years later, a potion was offered for her to drink.

The vile of liquid held ruby red fluid,

her bright and shining nature was soon to be ruined.

With the swipe of a hand, Red downed the concoction swiftly,

how this was soon to be the end, it had come so quickly.


She felt dizzy.

She blinked, once, twice, three times,

the wind blew past her hair, blowing the chimes.

She wasn’t safe, she soon realized,

running away was soon idealized.

How was one of her nature to be cursed to such a cruel fate?

Her resolve strengthened, adrenaline causing her pupils to dilate.

She ran into the night, leaving not a trace behind.

“Why, isn’t it Little Red.” the wolf had said.

“Stay away from me,” Red snarled, her cloak a tattered shred.

“My dear, no need to be afraid,” he hummed as he rounded the girl, thrilled with what was to come.

“Why did you bring me here?” She asked the words spilling from the her lips the color of cherry plums.

The wolf smiled lecherously, “that’s curious.”

Red bared her teeth, slowly becoming furious.

“That liquid you really don’t remember?”

Her emerald eyes flashed a blazing bright crimson, just like the fire’s embers.

“Get to the point, mutt,” she frowned,

She didn’t like this beating around.

The wolf flashed it long white canines, a sly grin spreading on his face.
“The point, my dear,” he began, cutting to the chase.

“You’re now one of us,

So make no more fuss,

Welcome to the pack.”



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