Among the Stars

I wish I were among the stars

There is better than where we are

I'd shine above the world below

And sparkle when I wanted so

Down here on solid ground there's hate

Life comes with all this stress and weight

But if I were among the stars

I would be happy.

I wish i were a bird that flies

I'd soar so free up in the sky

Never look on the world below

I could forget if i wanted so

I'd flap my wings in rhythm steady

And never land, Never be ready

But if I were a bird that flies

I would be happy

I wish I were a cloud that floats

To life in the sky I would devote

Not to the gray clouds so unclear

The soft ones that can disappear

I'd glide all over God's creation

Forget the hate forget frustration

But if I were a cloud that floats

I would be happy

But I am just a simple girl

With average life in average world

I'm nailed down here upon the ground

I rarely ever make a sound

With fights and frights and good things shaded

The light inside my heart has faded

But if I were among the stars

I would be happy.

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Our world
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this poem really resonated with me. I think we all want to get away from the trap we're in sometimes.  Trapped by our very existance, the weight of the world is a little too much.  I've written quite a few poems along these lines, so check them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. :)


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