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Glassy tributes  in fragments of classic fragility  variety of fragrances  as magical coordinates 
Why are you looking for love oh soul;Is it not enough that God gave it all? His Love that is pure, true and great What are you waiting? accept God and taste
Perhaps one more before I go. This one is dedicated to the men, a man’s height beneath the floor.   Sitting in chairs, until the room starts spinning.
When the world started to fear me,  And I it.  When the color of my skin Came before any of my intentions.  When I realized I no longer had control over what happened to my body.  And I became just that- 
When you’re four, you ask your mom why a dime is smaller than a nickel One larger than the other, yet only the worth of five pennies Your mom still buys you matching sets to wear to school
We never really grow up. We're constantly learning. There is pain in the process, But there is growth from the pain, And there is excitement in the growth. So revel in the excitement.
When I think about this world, my brows become furled. When I think about this society, I get anxiety. When I think about my country, it seems crumbly. When I think about my community, I see disunity.
I once met a man who introduced me to the different sides of love.  He dyed his hair a different color every other week and bound his chest so that no one would question his authority.  
there like a light never a light through while joy was the virus  flourishing inside of you. to access it out of will or live your life in cheat the heart created in love
Promised Land   it was midnight on a windswept friday, early july, when i realized that my entire nation was a hand-me-down, a last-minute
Hearing God talk to you through your own thoughts is always interesting.
I missed you again today I've been doing this thing where I refrain from thinking about you until about the worst possible time in the day to break down When I'm dipping in the pool for the beginning of practice 
When that day comes When the whole world falls
Typically, my policy is practicing self-censorshipActing like I'm masterful, with unsurpassable intelligenceIn actuality, some elements exist which aren't usually seen
The Lord gave me a heart for the hurting Allowed me to enjoy opportunities of which I wasn’t always deserving Endowed me with the power of spiritual discernment Enabled confidence to generate a lyrical disturbance
At the top of the ladder is your goal. Each of the ladder's poles represents Your steps and efforts to get closer to that. And your soul plays a major part in your pace.
Chaos consumes the essence of my soul Creating clouds that circle the once pale blue sky of my past Choppy waves of the ocean encompass the earth from below Choking, gasping for air
My future is decided. My skin color defines it. My skin color is it. This is what I am told, An "invisible" label I have to bear. A pathway guides me to what I have to be.
Unladen accoutrementsstashed away in the folds & potholespock the buttresses of a proto-being;those useless are cast à l’ephemeral obsoletion;fraying in a tympanic lurch.
We’re all waiting, waiting for the day when our Lord will come; the day where we can live in peace and harmony away from this worldly abomination.
War, hunger, and death surround me. I pray that He is here. "Do not be afaid."   Storms rage, dark is growing stronger. I cry out to Him. "Do not be afraid."   The antichrist has come.
The road is marked with sorrow, My undeserving hollow Heart waits for every morning, When it wakes refreshed from its mourning
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