Climbing a rusty or wooden ladder


At the top of the ladder is your goal.

Each of the ladder's poles represents

Your steps and efforts to get closer to that.

And your soul plays a major part in your pace.

You may go fast because there is no time to waste

Or during the time you may feel elated.

But sometimes you have to go slow,

Or freeze

Or halt

Because you've broken one of the poles.

In this very moment, your efforts get focused on

Am i about to fall?

Am i going to sit here in my mistake and misery?

It's those kind of moments where you want to sit in the halls

Of some quiet and desolate library

And just ball your eyes out until the rug beneath you is soiled.

THAT is what i would like to change!

No more of the moments where you're so frustrated that your skin boils.

And no more of the moments where you're lost and don't know where to go

Up or down

Left or right

Who's gonna pick me up tonight

Out of my despair?

I wish all of that were unclear to this world.

I wish it were as nebulous as the stars in the sky

As the moon behind clouds

As the subterrane is beneath the Mediteranean


What I'm telling you is that life should have been better than this.

Instead of always traversing on aged ladders

We could be roaming on water

As if it were solid matter!


But all that doesn't matter.

No one seems to seek the main source

By which all matter was created.

Without a debated notion

Or restated fact,

I have faith and revelation.

The facts will be held back

While the truth procedes without impedes.

Life will one day be

Rid of all it's ladders;

It's ups and downs and frustated clatters.



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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