When I think about...

When I think about this world, my brows become furled.

When I think about this society, I get anxiety.

When I think about my country, it seems crumbly.

When I think about my community, I see disunity.

When I think about me, I cannot freeze.

When I think about unity, I need to see my community.

When I think about acceptance, we should be transcendent.

When I think about peace, it should not cease.

When I think about stability, it is within our capability.

When I think about bliss, it should not be missed.

So when you think of our society, you better tread lightly. 

Once all hope is gone it’s like insobriety.

We have to start now before the rivalry

decidedly breaks our delicate body

silently and violently eating away at our

mentality to be people of honesty

and well honestly everyone in this fraternity

should be willing to orally and morally fight against the tyranny

of this nation and station a revelation

across the generations of patients who can’t afford to be patient

to wait for a president to fix the complication to fix this nation.

So rise up above the population and 

fix all the hating don’t wait or debate

just have the courage to create and get in this race!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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