At the End of Days

When that day comes

When the whole world falls

When Darkness and Light

Battle once and for all

When the stars crash down

And the mountains shake

The chains to the abyss

Have begun to break.


When that day comes

And the moon turns to blood

Screams begin to arise

From the fiery flood

When war tears all

And famine arrives

The Dark One breaks free

 To take many lives.


When that day comes

And the sun turns black

The whole earth will shudder

Mountains can’t be put back

When human blood will rain down

Mixed with harmonious hail and fire

And the waters grow bitter

More shall lie in funeral pyre.


When that day comes

Many will cry out

In grief, in hate,

In fear they will shout.

When the false rider in conquest

Makes his debut

This day the people reject

The One Who Is True.


When that day comes

And the rebels are gone

Those left who are just

Will move forward to the dawn.

When that day comes

I will fall to my knees

And give praise to the Light

As this world has now ceased.


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