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-----------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------Dear Diary, I am a ghost. I don't know how long I've been this way, but It's my reality. 
Dear The One Who Hates,   I still remember the days that we shared. The plucking of flowers and pulling of hair. The theories of God that would fly through our heads
Keep your head up princess When they look you up and down don't bother just walk on When they stop in their tracks its bc you're beautiful When they tell u that u don't match you say i know
I'm not a mastermind of a poet, and no one needs to tell me this  because I know it.   I write whats on my mind,  with the intention of clearing my own sky, because I need it.   
Be more open,  use less verbs, no more repetition,  and less words.   Be more suspicious, use smaller ending, make characters relatable, and less words.   Be more honest,
When I was growing up, I imagined my life A sparkling fairytale A delicately blooming water lily upon the surface Of my reality Everything would be perfect, set and ready for me  
I always wanted to bethat girl;too brilliant to resisttoo pretty to dis,that girl that stops trafficwalking down the street.That's the pretty girl, I wanted to be
It isn't just 26 letters put together
Oh I'm lost in the world Lost in a world called life Running  around trapped Trapped in the world Oh I'm lost in the world Trapped in the mind Trapped in time Craving Clarity..
Love Pain Pleasure Sorrow Exaltation Incrimination Parole Loneliness Discovery Fear Courage Rejection Acceptance Hate Love
We as humans go about our day, simply living our lives
 You can see me within   All too easily Like peeking through a window.   I hope there’s a glare,
Its a seasonal mystery One might recall of a boy and a girl Who happened to take a fall.   Perhaps it is more of a one sided land Where the girl loves the boy
It seems as though Every time our eyes cross skies, Our distance dies, And the tension flies We're back at square one Where I'm looking in your eyes Deciding if they're lies
Like ebony feathered ravens --squawk, caw squawk-- beaks sharp as talons talons sharp as hawk’s   They prey on the weak, the strong, and the brave, the boisterous, the silent,
The glass lost its grip And my veins lost their insistent murmur. My heart no longer pounding   I spoke my words into the air My throat strangling, mangling Sounds I would never release  
They're finding their way closer.   Within this thick underbrush,   I cannot find comfort.   Delirium driving me insane,   I am the only to blame.   All I can do is wander,
You say you can relate to what I have been though But you haven't walked a mile in my shoes You haven't been through my trials and tribulations You say you can relate to what I've been through But can you?
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