Just 26 Letters


It isn't just 26 letters

put together

to form constructed lines

of words.

  It's a glimpse

  of a first, a last,

  of a future, of a past.

It's a dagger

piercing through the heart,

through the mind,

meant to draw tears

held back through the years.

   It doesn't have a simple meaning,

   it's convoluted and obscure 

      it's meant to resurface

   feelings from people like you

   people who are used or new,

   the exclusive, the junkies,

   the forgotten, the loved,


       the quiet ones,

   the misunderstood,

   the ones who did, the ones who could,

   the hollowed, the damaged,

   the young souls, the old souls,

   the disconsolate, the merry.

It's meant for those who can relate,

who see it as an Escape Gate,

who can derive multiple interpretations

from a single jumble

of just 26 letters.

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