An Endless Night

They're finding their way closer.


Within this thick underbrush,


I cannot find comfort.


Delirium driving me insane,


I am the only to blame.


All I can do is wander,


as the cries creep closer.


One wrong step,


can bring certain death.


In this night,


I have no sense of sight.


in this light,


i feel nothing but contrite.


Relying solely on instinct,


i feel my way through.


This place is execution for my mistake.


Can I survive?


Can I strive?


My hopes are shot down by the reality.


Within this darkness,


I suddenly feel a change within;


a sort of deja vu.


This feeling unsettles me,


as a stroke of warmth overcomes.


I hear nearby rustling.


They are coming.


Silent and still,


shaking and uneasy,


Embracing the hilt of my only hope,


I pray to god for the strength to carry on,


then run at them.


Will I live to see another day?


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