Picked Apart

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 20:13 -- GabbiC


Like ebony feathered ravens

--squawk, caw squawk--

beaks sharp as talons

talons sharp as hawk’s


They prey on the weak,

the strong, and the brave,

the boisterous, the silent,

the leader, the slave


Beady-eyed marbles

rolling ‘round in their heads

--twist, swivel, point--

another one to be dead


Nit pick

pick apart

her bones, his grin,

his eyes, her skin


Their oily black wings,

their slippery black tongues,

their shadow black souls,

in sable black hearts and lungs


Charcoal dusted beaks

and bones barely covered,

a terse, strangled yell swallowed down

and you know-- she’s been discovered


Her mouth opens—an “o”-

into an ethereal scream

little bugs and maggots

scuttling out--- her self-esteem


Nit pick

pick apart

his nose, her weight,

her voice, his gait


She tried to love herself

tried to be who she was,

but the birds found her body

and scratched hate with their claws.


Wings open wide

but not for a hug

--flap, flutter, whirl—

their off with a smirk---smug



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