Unsolicited Advice

Keep your head up princess

When they look you up and down don't bother just walk on

When they stop in their tracks its bc you're beautiful

When they tell u that u don't match you say i know

When she says you're annoying don’t feel bad, don't hold back, be honest... And you're a thot

Keep your head up princess

When she yells and scream at u. know why. Cover your ears.

When she throws something at u, go to your happy place and catch it

When she says you’re, the worst u say bc they never loved us.

When she swings don't hold back bc of her status.

When she says get out... Leave gladly, Chanel's home

Keep your head up princess

When she tells the family her side and makes u a monster stand up for yourself. You're not a kid

When he says come here. Act crazy.

When your neighbor watches you go home call daddy. He's scared of him.

When shes phony. Get over it thats just her

When shes ignorant. Thats all the time. Learn to live with it.

When you get older. Consider looking into your past

When you find out about mental abuse, do research and raise awareness.

When you see her again. Don't be petty. Smile

When he doesn't text u back. Say good morning, goodnight and show him what a friend is.

Don't be scared of the group of guys. Don't cross the street. Say goodnight and keep it pushing.

Keep your head up princess

Don't change the lighting or the mirror or the angle or the filters. U cute

Don't stay after because u want to hang out with your "friends". Be independent.

Don't ask her to order for u. Order by yourself. Be confident.

Don't buy one size bigger bc you're ashamed. Be 16 and curvy

You're not illiterate. U read slower. And thats ok.

You're not like them. You're you. You're beautiful

Keep your head up princess. Your tiara is falling

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