You can see me within


All too easily

Like peeking through a window.


I hope there’s a glare,

much less a reflection

Unnoticed, hidden, behind these gold curtains

No light shows through.


I feel open to the public.

Baring my sword, ready to fight

But, sadly, this does not protect me.


One look at my face,

And you think you’re winning this


It’s all your game

My defense is just a misconception.


If I bared my soul

You wouldn’t understand

So why even attempt to look?


The battle is a fraud

Accumulating with the lack of essence in the room


No one wants to be themselves

Because everyone has retreated.


Now, don’t be coy

It’s disrespectful.


Memories fade

But we never forget

Everyone has an impact

Even those in the ground


But do we care?

Do we notice?

We’re too focused on ourselves to even reflect

People want to be the change

But then again

Actions are far more grateful, than words themselves.


The light goes out

The souls all the same

Individuality is dead

So where’s the game?


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