Pretty Girl - Slam Poem

I always wanted to be
that girl;
too brilliant to resist
too pretty to dis,
that girl that stops traffic
walking down the street.
That's the pretty girl, I wanted to be
and today I'm sure, that girl is me.
But turns out,
it ain't all it's cracked up to be,
Cause I've learned about her life,
all her pain
all the abuse,
how she'll never be a wife,
how you smile to her face,
while you stab her in the back,
twisting as you push in the knife.
I've watched her drag herself
across the coals for your love,
beg for peace, like soaring doves,
cry for relief as she crawls down the street
after your threw her out
like an out of date piece of meat.
Collectively flooding her world,
all those tears that she's cried
all the disappointment that she's felt, for even having tried.
I've watched her fade away,
like that soul of hers that died
the day you showed her you'd never love her
for anything more, like her heart and mind.
So she jumped from man to man,
searching for the plug
to stop up that hole you dug
with rusty shovels and all your poisonous words,
words so sharp they cut instantly deep
infecting her with your thoughts and beliefs
just so those physical benefits you'd reap.
So you twist her thoughts of love and her worth
and deceive her and make her feel less than dirt,
like the ground you walk on
cause you walked all over her
and your name's all over those scars she incurred.
You wanna hold her close and tight
but only when it suits you right?
Then pretend that you don't know her,
this girl, she's been broken
by the thing she thought she wanted.
She just wanted to be a pretty face
that anyone would notice,
but a pretty face doesn't get you respect
it just got her used.
He drew her in, and she loved him
so she let herself be abused
like a cloud covering the sky
she'd fake it just to get by
and she might just never try
again, to look her best
cause those days weren't her fondest
when you could treat her such a way
like the disposable pretty face of a women
that won't stand for it another day.
So now when people to her say
"'re such a pretty face.."
She can tell them all this story
and how unpretty it really is in this place


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