overcoming fear

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The reason why we fear is we believe everything is real. Fear thrives off of secrecy and hiding, thats real.And emotions such as shame and guilt are used to confide in, thats real.
Looked down upon as a songbird With broken wings Whose feeble voice Could barely sing, But the forest floor
Its taken three years for my skin to harden Watch it turn from rice paper to steel I used to be friendly as a sign of submission But now I stand toe to toe with those I don’t even reach the shoulders of
I once heard that My eyes hold an identity That is not entirely my own.   Where are you from?  
Fear tells you to stand where you are. Don't move. What if I want to get somewhere? Well you have to take a step out there.
Everyone is always sad Sad, afraid, angry But what I'd feared is not  the anger but to be forgotten in death.   what I've realized is I'm a poet and my poems will always be 
For the Brave   Undress our hearts Be vulnerable for once Teach love isn't meant to be covered up   To the chest that holds your fear take that key and let run
Drink it up, drink it up. You're already drowning in it's well. Run away, run away. A chain causes your ankle to swell. Keep screaming, keep screaming. You can't scare the monster away.
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
At thirteen my heart had never been broken I was still dreaming big dreams And I was still outspoken I sided with hope having no concept of doubt
Feeling energy acscend, rising faster even as revelations  facaded, enveloped and revealed find emotional assertions: resolutions. Feeling evolved, as reopened flowers entice astral rays;
Fear is not a concept, but a limitation Which disables risk across the nation. Overcoming these fears is the key To allow you to become, to be. Fear only disables perception And causes us to make an exception
Why Why do I do this I new this Would hurt But the fact is I did this What's my problem I need a fix Or else I won't solve em I need to change this Take this, break this and bring this
Break. Last time I failed this time will i make the jump? Break. Snap! there went my leg i'm broke. Recovery. Back with a familiar obstacle in front of me. Breathe.
my hands are trembling, sweating, fingertips are ice cubes. lips quivering, dry. tongue stuck between pearly teeth, can't seem to move my mouth,
Dear Fear,   I see You there- grinning up at me maliciously black eyes glinting malevolently.
I can measure my life in moments: Before and after and when. When I realized that my parents weren’t google and God combined, And, no matter how hard I searched, I’d never find an adult who could fix anything,
There is a glass wall between us soundproof, diverting attention I shattered a little bit of it when I said hello. What have I done? You
Failure is a creature of the darkness, But I can see it clear as day. A monstrous entity of terror, Feeding off the smallest of insecurities. Its grasp is ever tightening,
The Lonely Star Fear is Strong Although I know it to be Wrong I keep singing it's song But what is fear  That we might clear The painful sphere here  Fear is nothing more than a bad dream
I get nervous when people don’t text me bac
Silence. Darkness consuming her view. She’s running, but doesn’t know why. There’s a bridge coming up, she needs to cross. She stops, second guessing herself. This bridge is old and worn down.
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