stage fright

my hands are trembling, sweating,

fingertips are ice cubes.

lips quivering, dry.

tongue stuck between pearly teeth,

can't seem to move my mouth,

my voice is stolen, I'm mute.


my eyes are glossy, these people are dots.

I'm hearing their voices somewhere within this fog,

can't see my feet in front of me,

my legs refuse to move,

I'm glued to the floor so painful it hurts.

my body has the chills,

and my eyes are wide as golf balls.


I'm an inmate in my own prison.


why is it so hard?

why can't I just do it?

why are these people staring?

I don't feel well. I just want to leave.


"you can do it, I believe in you"

there, I hear a voice, I know that voice.




"take a deep breath"


my lungs inhale and exhale the precious air,

I glanced at her with a smile.

If she can do it, so can I.


I stare straight ahead at the crowd.

my legs move, my hands cease to shiver.

I take the mic in my fingers,

and I sing.


that fear is still there, sitting at the bottom of my stomach,

I worry that crowd won't like my voice.

but at least I tried. I know I tried.


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