Real Deal

The reason why we fear is we believe everything is real.

Fear thrives off of secrecy and hiding, thats real.And emotions such as shame and guilt are used to confide in, thats real.

But instead I let the blood stained memories influence my creative writing, thats real.

Instead of acting the way they want us to, I let my pen and pad do the fighting, thats real.

Hoping that everyone can get to reuiniting, thats real. Before mother nature gives up on us, we're hurting her she's dying, thats real. 

While you're smiling, God is crying, thats real. That is why there's hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and nothing but climbing to survive in, thats real. 

And my beat will be the finishing blow, real deal.

They'll be nothing left of  your diminishing role, thats real. Because all you're doing is exhibiting low, real deal.

Diminishingly let me not let you give me diminishing hope, real deal.  The day my mind, pen and pad had finally eloped, real deal. Was the day that i finally let my neck loose from this rope, real deal. It has more than help me cope, real deal. But I finally let the silence broke when I finally spoke, after I took a puff of this smoke, real deal. It help me remain awoke, real deal. This music is my natural coke, real deal. Sit there while you choke, till you finally croak. I wont let this fear continue to take over. This is just making me broke real deal. Adam should've mever ate that apple from the tree of knowledge. What you know will get you pushed off a ledge. Before he ate that apple, everything was flawless. Now it aint, in order to feel less pain, we turn into alcoholics. Now thats symbolic and ironic, real deal. 


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Our world


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