Between Hope and Doubt

At thirteen

my heart had never been broken

I was still dreaming big dreams

And I was still outspoken

I sided with hope

having no concept of doubt


At fourteen

I landed somewhere in between

For there was a child in my heart

that wanted to dream

And an adult in my head

that wanted to think


At fifteen

I landed somewhere in between

For I had stood on a street

to face my skyscraper of dreams

And tried to tell myself

it’s not as tall as it seems


At sixteen

I landed somewhere in between

For there was an ocean I wanted to cross

but the tides were changing

There was a path I wanted to chase

but the bumps were remaining


At seventeen

I landed somewhere in between

I wanted to sing

but I forgot my song

I felt too young to hold on

yet too old to break free and run


But at almost eighteen

I was no longer in between

For I had shook off my doubt

and sided again with hope

I had finally remembered

that life is short and regrets can last forever


Afterall, to live in fear of the future

is to be only a survivor

And I want to be more than a conqueror

And more than an overcomer

Even if I sometimes feel broken

I want to dream big dreams and remain outspoken


Adults may still value their thoughts over feelings,

and the skyscrapers may still be tall.

The ocean tides may still be changing,

and the bumps in the road may always be remaining.

But I will stay strong and remember my song

And do more than just survive.


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Our world


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