Oh Wandering Eye

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:03 -- ncds97

I once heard that

My eyes hold an identity

That is not entirely my own.


Where are you from?


They saw eyes that were crushed to slits

And they yelled out the Asian slurs


They saw eyes that wandered out of place

And, soon enough, they decided

I was a nobody

Talking to nobody

Looking at nobody


I covered the wrong eye-- the lazy eye--


So that only the good eye would show

What I realized only after opening up the amblyopic,

wandering eye

While keeping the good eye shut tight...


Was that I found love.


Where are you from?


I found love

The mirror to my soul

I found their insecurities no longer projected in my own.


I found myself

And my vision of the world

In clearer sight.


I strived to use the weaker eye everyday

And little by little, the tweaks were made


My vision got clearer and sharper everyday

And my eyes moved in sync now


20:60, 20:40, 20:20


I found something deeper

Than their words did go


Where are you from?


From Boston. From my mother’s womb.

From black and white.

From the stars in the sky.  



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