The Chase

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:50 -- U-Nique


Darkness consuming her view.

She’s running, but doesn’t know why.

There’s a bridge coming up, she needs to cross.

She stops, second guessing herself.

This bridge is old and worn down.

It hangs over a treacherous canyon.

Chills go down her spine, the urge to run flies back to her.

She looks behind her, and her eyes widen in terror.

That’s what she’s been running from.

She turns back and begins to run across the bridge.

A board gives way and she slips,

Catching herself before falling into the depths below.

She takes a deep breath to calm herself.

She lifts herself up and composes herself.

She turns around, looking fear in its face.

With a controlled voice, she states that she can do this

And nothing will hold her back.

She walks carefully across the bridge to the other side.

She turns to witness fear crash down with the bridge into the canyon.

She smiles, and the darkness lifts.

The light from the sun shines down

And she realizes that there isn’t anything

That can keep her from reaching her goals.


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