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It Can't Be Good To Hold The View ... That I'm A CROOK Because My Top Has Got A Hood ... !?! The Weather Now Can Be Quite FOUL ... !!! WITHOUT An Umbrella I Could Be DROWNED ... !!!!!
You were happy when I climbed on your lap. All soft sounds and soft hands and a cheerful, bubbly voice Nudging my toddling figure away from the patio’s edge.
  Two hues disturbed in my closet drawer, I'm sorry I could not wear both and be one underpaid healthcare professional.  Long I stood, and looked at both as long as I could
The gift of a blank hallway is the pictures you decorate it with   Ink moves along a canvas in a particular way Like cars on a highway Where the wet ends
Let me tell you of the week I grew up. No, not physically but mentally and emotionally. The physical age does not matter; what matters is that the week before I loved candy.
  The worst part of chronic illness is the side effects Not the ones drawn out in thin black text across an orange bottle
Bruises of words blue and black Pain, and disregard, and bleeding attacks So I come to Lines of words white on black Ambrosia and nectar for scars Sketched in the mind On the sky, stars
What is it that keeps one from reaching its highest quality?It’s an epitome I️ received, tugging at my curiosity.
Dear Doctor,   Since day 23 of the pain, my body has been new land. You have colonized me, in every way known to man,
Waking up in a sunlight haze Waking up in the suns embrace It’s something I’ve come to know 21 years and yet I still feel low There’s something special though about my morning mood
In 2013, we heard she had cancer, Unfortunately, there was no answer. However, her life was so rich and so pure, we knew that we had to find her a cure. We started looking, "We have to find something,"
Waking up for schoolFills me with dreadBut one thing is my fuelthat gets me out of my bed   I want to follow my dreamsI want to excel,Even if it seemsI must go through this hell   One day I’ll awake for a job made for meReady to partakein the day’
I am scared, even terrified, I keep thinking, Of what they will find inside; And now I am sweating, What if something is wrong, Deep within me.
I wake up and my body is clay   Cetrizine to empty my nose. Alprazolam to empty my head. Caffeine to make my blood run. Nicotine to make me look calm.   I wake up 
The pencil’s metallic probing tip
What I'm saying is coming from the heart.
  Growing up, surrounded by relatives in the medical field
Life is not easy to give. Impermanent like the soft wind that caresses one’s cheek. Convoluted like the active glomerulus inside both kidneys. Dense like the bones wrapped in muscles and skin.
Deep breathes, tie the sock harder around your bicep  Tears running down my frozen face Lips red and big, bottom lip quivering  She stabs me with this cold needle
Fate's been kind to lead me here So far, so close to childhood home Three years gone an eon ago No sign of that boy is left to show   Two graves were dug, one loved, one not
I'd fallen down. Snapped a Bone. You'd think it'd be the end. I disagree, it's where it all began. I'd been running - rushing to ring the bell. Open up! My future is calling!
Do you see the tears that pour down their faces? Watching their loved ones die Its no way to live, why not cry? We see it in their eyes: the weakness, the terror. To borderline death is no way to survive.
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
Promised since a young age.Looked forward tobut taken away suddenly.Taken so suddenly that it leaves aSPACE.A deep, empty space that burns
It's a man's world,  They say with a cocked eyebrow and a daring smirk of superiority. I've heard that one before. Faced that fight. It's nothing I'm afraid of.  
It wasn't a hard desicion It didn't take much time.  As with most thing, When I felt it, I just knew. I want to be a doctor.   No not just any doctor. Not just run of the mill.
3 months of my life I don't remember   Nuerons dying Brain bruised   When I woke up from the sudden sleep I had no answers   The Doctors who have dedicated their entire
Give Something... Give What? What is there to give, What do I give, What can I offer, that every person doesnt already have   Give Something... Give What? What I would give is promise
Being diagnosed was tough Being unknown was worse. From here it can only get better, with the right tools and a little good luck. Optimism will be my guide. This will be with me forever
the first thing you should know is that I know you didn't plan for your life to be this way.  you were not a child who dreamt of life trapped in the four mint colored walls of a hospital room.
Explain reason for todays’ doctors visit: This is a last resort. Waking up is a nightmare. Eyes shut Blackness spinning Eyes open Reality spinning. A life filled with a blur of doubt
He thought He was important for her. However, Horribly tortured by her vigor He longed for her love Ever since he can remember.   Blind to the phantom of her lover,
  As he lied, she continued to beat Those watching could only sigh, The ordeal consumed him, he could no longer eat His body, his will, appeared to be weak,
Poetry is a tool, and I have found that the more I practice, the more precise I am. It is an x-ray machine, allowing me to discover where I wish to examine myself. It is rib shears, slicing my ribs open to expose my heart.
Struggle It’s the only thing I’ve known For as long as I can remember The older I get the more control I gain This is my body
The incessant ringing fades in and out, Here we go again. A walking zombie, the beginning of a new day. New? Is it really? Because it seems exactly like the last. A new flavor of gum,
I am dependent——maybe codependent. I am sick——I am fine. (I’m everything I wish I weren’t.) Today I am fine. I am fine. I am fine. And I suppose that is one of my greater lies. I am I am I am I am… Fine?
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