Passion Outreach


What I'm saying is coming from the heart.

Sometimes, I question what I'm saying. Is it true? Where do I start?

I'm suprised I think about it even though I'm young. 

I'm suprised at what I say, wondering if those words came from my own tongue.

My heart and mind are on medicine, a topic many view as plain and general.

But for me, I see it much more than that.

If it were a game, it would be a whole 'nother level.

The experience, the physical pains, the diseases, the strife, the joys, the rewarding future and the 

satisfaction. I see all this in my life.

All the times I've volunteered, all those I help, I especially remember their smiles.

All those hours at the hospital, those moments triumph over the trials.

Through this passion I feel so strongly, through words can only say so much.

I really love this path I follow, and I'll sum it up as such.


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