Thu, 04/03/2014 - 21:46 -- KMarkou

Do you see the tears that pour down their faces?

Watching their loved ones die

Its no way to live, why not cry?

We see it in their eyes: the weakness, the terror.

To borderline death is no way to survive.

Give him another pill.

Sedate him, make him numb.

He can’t move – he’s frozen, but the hands swing on by.

Round and round they go, but he’s still there

Lying awake and forgotten.

A doctor won’t commit, and there’s no stamp to be fixed.

Disability? Denied.

What would I change?

Well I’d open up eyes.

Look he’s not a druggie, asking for another hit.

He’s in pain and just looking for a fix.

No not the type on the street.

No not in your medical facility.

Open up your eyes, he wants the fix of life.

No narcotics. No opiates.

Letting go of those misty eyes.

No more days awake in pain, hearing that clock tick on by.


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