Give Something... Give What?

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 20:44 -- mguzman

Give Something... Give What?

What is there to give,

What do I give,

What can I offer,

that every person doesnt already have


Give Something... Give What?

What I would give is promise

that I would make everything better.

What I would give is security,

that their loved ones will always have them.


But I can't give promise that I can save a life.

One day there will be someone I can't save.


Behind that is a CHILD without:

a mother 

the beginning of an ethereal growing hole


What I know I will give

 is a piece of soul to all

becuase I know how much that person

coming home means

I know what it means to wait for mommy...



I write this poem randomly as a response to What I Would By Rafael Campo. I wrote it with this fresh in mind, so there are definitely similarities.  Its my first poem here. Hope it doesn't suck too much, it just came from somewhere deep during a class.

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