An Inspired Sisyphus


United States
25° 40' 11.2332" N, 80° 27' 57.6936" W

The incessant ringing fades in and out,
Here we go again. A walking zombie, the beginning of a new day.
New? Is it really? Because it seems exactly like the last. A new flavor of gum,
an extra twenty minutes on the highway. Why do we get up to roll the boulder up the mountain,
to just see it roll back down? We need to find something more.

A passion, a drive. Something to favorably welcome the ring of the morning alarm.
Homework, chores, work. Until one day, I find what I’m looking for.
That burning desire to learn more, do more, show more. A hospital can be a miserable place
for families. But it is also a place for magic. Because saving lives, and touching families is magic.

The exuberant ringing begins, a music to my ears. A smile on my face as I spend the extra ten
minutes on the road. I can make a difference today, and every day. Who will I meet?
That’s a question I can’t answer until the sun has set. A mystery.
What I do know is I have reason to keep climbing.


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