Emotional Bankruptcy


He thought

He was important for her.


Horribly tortured by her vigor

He longed for her love

Ever since he can remember.


Blind to the phantom of her lover,

She was ignorant to his thunder,

And didn’t bother

To monitor

The love he fostered

In the rain he authored.


She ripped his heart out,

And told him,

“I don’t fonder”

“Your infatuated blunder”

“No longer!”



He suffers every night.

The only thing that keeps him alive

Is his bedtime fright;

That she might


Before the next night dies.


Ignorance is bliss,

And for that,

It’s never meant for the smart.

He told himself,

“She loves me,”

“She’ll come back to me,”

“She’ll have that change of heart.”

Not knowing that his precious flower

Was growing in another man’s yard,

All along.


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