It wasn't a hard desicion

It didn't take much time. 

As with most thing,

When I felt it, I just knew.

I want to be a doctor.


No not just any doctor.

Not just run of the mill.

I don't want to be a pedeatrician.

Nor a regular physician.


I want to, no, will be

The absolute best. 

Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Has a particular ring to it. 


It says, I am the best.

It says I made it

It says that my life 

will be saving others'. 


When at 21,

I was diagnosed with MS

My world came crashing down. 


I am no longer able

to be the doctor I want

I no longer have the same dreams


I cannot stand foe 12 hour surgeries

Nor are my hands stable enough


That doesn't mean I can't dream,

It just means my dream took me a different way. 


I will still be the best

I will still save lives

Even with mine in diarray

I know where I belong.





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