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THE WHITE PATH A white proud path On goal oriented  footpath Leader with white pearls Lifted heads as he turns
To those who handed me the paintbrush  to craft a mind of my own In a world that's rich in color, To those who spoke up in the quietest room, To those who heard me suffer in silence,
if a busy gun takes lives then silent leaders do worse they burnlives,hang knuses on the innocent voice your pain,or get blessed with a curse blood sheds schools we elected fools
I grew up with a carefree view of the world in my youth I didn’t change until I realized the hard-hitting truth I started caring about issues in politics and society Constantly thinking about figuring out a remedy
TRANSFORMATION Transformation. Where developmental stages cascade into adolescence.  It molds our countries, comunities, and our families. Our values, transform our future.   
At first, i was proud To be apart of my nation We used to be Great I want to believe we are But now I am confused and angered Actions and words are being said and done
I am A Sister     A Best Friend,         Family. I am the Oldest.      I am the Middle.         I am the Youngest. I breathe in Board Games,  Books,    Movies.
May America's youth, Never forget,  The price,  Of Freedom. But more so, May her leaders, Never forget, Who does the paying. ~ Ricardo
Real thugs...  
Do you really want to be like me?
How is this fair?  I offer nothing, yet they give me their swords.  I speak with harsh truths, yet they thank me for my kindness.  I stand humbled by their greatness, and yet they look to me. 
We often ask ourselves how we can ease someone else’s pain When our own hurt is too much to take
We live in a world where celebrities have replaced role models And political leaders are universally labeled “liars,”   Childhood idols crowd rehab centers And Gagas have replaced our Ghandis,  
If I could change the world, I would end all wars. And for all the crime, there would be no more. If I could change the world, there would be no more fears. No more pain and suffering. No more tears.  
You say you teach me how to think to say the things you say are true when the things you say, don't come from you. I say, you teach me WHAT to think to say the things you say are true
It's all up to me now.. my future is mine to hold. To determine now before I grow old. If I do not work for it it will not be there for me.
War; war never changes People do When the stakes are high We must see them through We are soldiers in our on light The struggles we face, the wars, the fights Then why must we fight acknowledging risk
We are young, but that doesn't mean we don't understand. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't feel nothing. We are young, but that doesn't mean we can't do something.
I can't be there with you, but we can dream. My eyes filled with tears of hopelessness. My thoughts filled with the pain of judgment. My ears filled with the sound of destruction. My words constantly formed in the way of defense. 
(poems go here) As I sit back, reminisce, and wonder why, why I am who I am, and my eyes become watery and I start to cry.
Bloodshed, yelling and screaming in a world in which I took my stance All I got was an undesirable glance I didn't apologize for the need for equality So I proceeded in my seat in a world shaken without harmony
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