The Real Leaders

At first, i was proud

To be apart of my nation

We used to be Great

I want to believe we are

But now I am confused and angered

Actions and words are being said and done

Every day new things change my perception 

Things that should not be accepted 

Are considered normal by our leaders

It is ignored and pushed to the side

I want to be proud of my nation,

but how can I be with these things

Discrmintaion, Assault, and Bans 

Only a few things

That has changed what it means to be American

Peace, unity and equality 

Are a few things this country needs

I want to look at the news

And say that's my country 

Changing the world for the better

Not the country I love is

Bombing, fighting, and ruining lives

I feel ashamed, not proud 

So many leaders have the power

To impact and change, not just the country

But the world

Instead they decide to watch 

And wait for other people to be the change 

It is everyone's job, not just that one person

Think of the priorities, not for yourself but others

People's wellness, equality, and freedom

Not making corruption, money, and greeediness the priority 

Stop waiting for someone else to do your job

And take responsiblity 

Doesn't matter if people notice or recognize 

Your good deeds,

Do something for someone else besides yourself

Selfishness is destroying our country

Be the change 

Step up to the plate while others sit and do nothing 

That is where the real leaders will be

Bringing happiness, love, and safeness to others

Real leaders will be the change 

Not doing it for themselves, but others

I want to be proud of my nation 

Not ashamed

I want to be the change

I choose to be a leader

Do you?





This poem is about: 
My country


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