Just One Job


We often ask ourselves how we can ease someone else’s pain

When our own hurt is too much to take

We often wonder if we are obligated to help those in need

We often wonder will it really hurt if we just block our ears from hearing the cry for help

Truth is it’s not about putting yourself in someone else shoes in order for you to help them

It’s not about the moral obligation to help others because everyone needs someone to help them through tough times

America was made by the people for the people

We got in this position because we found a way to help each other

So, why not keep the cycle going

There are a lot of people that are In need of our help

Why not start where the 1st step of success begins 

The one place that America future relies on

And that is the School system

Our school does not only need my help ,but how can we succeed when it seems like everyone is their  turning back on us

The dropout rates cannot determine our future, it cannot make us suffer for the rest of our lives, it cannot guide us through success.

We don’t have to be teachers and principals or in my case Dean of students to support the cause.

We often ask ourselves will one voice make a difference

We often wonder what the future holds for us

We often wonder why it can’t fix itself

People like me need to stop wondering and devote our time and passion into helping others.

Helping our Education system stay strong

How far would you go to do more than just give hope?

My job is to carry-out the hope that students who are failing are deeply in need of.

My Job is to show the ray of sunshine that has been hidden from the moon.


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