keep going

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It can be hard to keep going when your brain is telling you that you aren’t good enough, And changing those thoughts in your mind is always going to be tough.
And just like before, everything started off fine, And I decided to overlook everything and ignore all of the signs. That just like everyone else you are batshit crazy,
It has taken me some time to realize that there are two parts of your body that will always be at war with one another, And it seems like no matter how hard you try, they will never agree with each other.
No matter what life decides to put you through, it is up to you to keep going, And even when it seems like you can't keep going, moving forward is what is going to help you to keeo growing.
They’re always there  You can be happy but they will still sit and stare  You can be sad and they will still go nowhere  They could make you cry
Dear Past Me,   Depending on when you read this, you could be one of many things. You could be young and bright, Filled to the brim with life,
My whole life was like a constant match.      I managed to win them all with a either a bruise or a scratch. I was a child who couldn’t speak, read, or write.         
And so it began, back then. I close my eyes, remember, I dream, I forget. Swirling though this space encased with brittle bone. Wanders the essence of myself,
I’m not alone. All I have are your words, your vibrations, From this world     
I find beauty 
Sincerity    Can be found, you know.    Commitment    Is alive, you know.    Joy and excitement come in unity,
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