Here We Go Again

And just like before, everything started off fine,

And I decided to overlook everything and ignore all of the signs.

That just like everyone else you are batshit crazy,

And that you have this fake persona of trying to pretend to be a daisy.

But just like the others, you are as fake as they come,

And you want to blame everyone else, but unlike them, I am not dumb.

That if you have a problem with everyone and what they do, you need to check who you are,

Because I am not going to let another person destroy me and try to leave another scar.

I can't argue with you, because there is no point in arguing with stupid people over stupid shit,

Because one day you will get what you had coming and your ego will be the one to take the hit.

You can not win an argument with a stupid person, so I am just going to let it go,

Because I know that since you are not used to hearing it, you can't accept when people tell you no.

So I am going to be the bigger person and walk away because that is what I always do,

Because I know the universe will reward me, while it chooses to punish you.

I was going to walk away, but I realized that that would be letting you win,

And I am not going to go back to the way that things have always been.

Did it ever occur to you that you have a problem with everyone?

And there is a reason why you don't talk about your friends, because you have none.

But you know, you will continue to play the victim and think everyone else is the issue,

But go ahead and wipe your tears with my tissue.

The one that has my blood on it because you were the one who stabbed me in the back with a knife,

And you'd think I'd learned my lesson by now, because this isn't the first time that I've been through this in life.

I am going to keep my head up, with a smile on my face, and kill you by being kind,

Because I know that will destroy you, and no one is going to ruin my peace of mind.

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