To Whom (Me) It May Concern

Dear Past Me,


Depending on when you read this, you could be one of many things.

You could be young and bright,

Filled to the brim with life,

And so very deeply in love with all it brings.


You could be young and alone,

Crying hard and clutching harder

To what you thought you knew was you home.


You could be young and tired,

Sitting silent on a beach

While mesmerized by the heat of a fire.


You could be young and confused,

Your thoughts tangled and abused

As you search for a glimmer of light.


You could be young and in awe

At the whirring of a saw,

But horribly tempted by its blade.


You could be young and alive,

Done with searching for a sign.

Knowing you can do more than just survive.


You could be young and freed

From a cage you weren’t aware of.

And yet the light of day is still a sight to see.


You could be young and giving up,

Having finally told yourself that, for you,

There was never love from luck.


You could be young and grateful,

Seeing a world worth so much love,

And wishing you had spent less time so hateful.


You could be young and as I am:

Stuck somewhere in between

My life, myself, and all their plans

With yet more questions to be seen.


You could turn out as someone new,

Someone neither of us know.

Now please, go out and see it through

So from here, we both can grow.



Dani (the one you will become.)


P.S. You can also call me Dee (the one you hope you're going to be)


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