Struggles that never leave

They’re always there 

You can be happy but they will still sit and stare 

You can be sad and they will still go nowhere 

They could make you cry

Still have no despair 

Learn to carry them with you 

So next time they don’t have to get your attention 

Struggles never leave 

You will always have tension 

They come in different ways 

Sometimes even in a form of a person 

It could even be financial problems or everytime you sleep

Your tears start flowing your hands start shaking 

A couple months later you have no tears

 you want to feel so bad but you forgot how it feels to let pain be felt somewhere 

They can change yet they never go 

They can help you grow 

Or they can make you put on a show 

It’s something everyone has 

But each to their own 

Your struggles are what you can handle 

But they will never leave you alone 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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