Lost and Found

I find beauty 

in staying up until sunrise


In the kind of sleep deprivation,

where you are not deprived of anything at all,

but simply provided with the worlds slow seconds for an hour longer.

I find beauty

In the split seconds of silence 

when your thoughts are muted

but you realize how loud they really are.

I find beauty

In the moments that your brain says

"keep going"


"I'm right here with you"

when last night,

it told you



"you're alone."

I find beauty

in the cigarettes that are passed

and the words that are passed with them.

I find beauty

In the way you catch people falling in love,

all by how they stare in admiration,

at someone who has no idea of their lingering eyes.

I find beauty,

In the way that the same things that give us a world of hurt,

things like songs, words, people, and memories

are the same things that give us a world of happiness.

Beautiful things catch us off guard all of the time.

They find us when we aren't looking.

I find beauty...

or rather...

beauty finds me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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