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I wonder as I ponder, these halls seem to trap.  My mind starts to wander as I feel my heart fall back.  Fear I once succomed to, my eyes shot down, The halls I feared, sat in my lungs relieved to be found, 
Like a small seed beginning to sprout from the soil A story of many chapters begins The plot of a life's story cannot spoil As the small, naive child widely grins  
An ugly egg A newborn angel A sigh All enter a room Unidentified, unsocialized Yet the air closes in, closeting hearts Fury, Confusion, Ignorance run in Crowding the virgin
When I was young everyone around me called me a princess. I wore the dresses, I had a kingdom, I was loved, but most of all I waited for a prince to come.
“Slow down,” my mothers voice rang in my ears I disregarded and tried to speed the merry go round to its limit My hair floating through the air, free as the birds in the sky Until it came to a stop
Mayonnaise, lemon, fish, and avocado Scrambled eggs, sushi, kiwi, cream cheese Foods I’d eat? No!!
Warm Amiable Spontaneous Tender Impeccable Naive Gleaming   Yelling Overwhelming Unleashing Realizing   Tears Idiocy Memories End
She sleeps in my bed, wears my clothes, and mom holds her dear; but she is not me. She goes to my classes, speaks like me, and dad holds her dear; but she is not me.
Confidently lost in a world of regrets.Where birds sing sweet melodies of the butterfly effect.Searching through the cosmic skies of my demise,I see the lullabies of lies that crave the attention of the midnight vibe,And as I look into its eyes i
If life has taught me one thing, It would be to appreciate what I have. Not everything lasts forever; And some things we may never get. Emphasizing the lacking in life will only hurt.
The careless imagination of childhood Billows in the airy breeze from my window; The clock strikes, marking a new era of nuanced maturity, Yet, the soft, nostalgic scent of the air
Growing up is tough. Requires a lot of self- Trust Often times  You can misjudged  Situations  Where there is 
Induced growth By Gianna Ritto   Growing up How funny these two words are I thought they were far away But really they were just at bay.
How did I begin to "glow?" It started with a very dismal low... I was in the deep throes Of middle school, acne and braces in tow
A child with dreams, Larger than life. An adult now, what happend to those dreams? Life and depression took them, Just working a dead end job. No hope for a future beyond the monotony. 
A day at the theaterDad is waiting for mePopcorn Tickets And endless smiles The movie drags on and onBut I don't mind Mishaps ResolutionsAnd... and...TearsMany tears
The story begins at my school. I began to sound like a fool. My voice started to crack; I heard a loud quack, Why is puberty so darn cruel.      
From my young age When I was insecure, I saw the world And wanted more. But love and kindness I did not see. No, I only wanted More for me.   As I grew up
“I am so frustrated!” the pure hurt ranged through my ears. “I am so tired of having to get stuff done all by myself.” She wept. This was my first time seeing her break down. She was so strong and always upheld her crown.
I don’t know if I’ve changed for the better or the worse  but I’m not the same person that I’ve been.    I don’t know what I wanted 
I watch myself grow and I feel unreal and I think about the moments that define us: Something your father said fifteen years ago, The first time you held your breath, A four-leafed clover in the grass next to the sidewalk;
Faint light shines, So pure yet so dim, Calling from within.   Smoke and mirrors, A facade for my true self, Still so small and preoccupied, With the minutia of daily life.  
I'm Losing them.  What will I do? midnight trips laughter by the fire— all Gone, faded Memories.    What will I do— getting drunk on good vibes all those sleepless nights
when i was 7 years old i realized i wasnt a baby anymore, hard times and molestation told me i wasnt a baby anymore, when i ran away from home, my mom knew i wasnt a baby anymore, smoking meth, 
I thought the worse thing to happen Could be another person leaving me. It turns out, things would have been better If you’d just left me alone.  
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