A Faint Light

Faint light shines,

So pure yet so dim,

Calling from within.


Smoke and mirrors,

A facade for my true self,

Still so small and preoccupied,

With the minutia of daily life.


Leaves fall, the wind changes,

A shining chrysalis of change.


She is tucked in,

With gossamer threads, 

Soft as the clouds she gazes towards.


Her disjointed self straightens,

Growing into her form,

She learns how to be,

How to love, how to grow.


Stretching to the Sun,

She arches her back,

For she will be great,

Although she doesn't yet know that.


The membrane breaks,

Life floods in,

But she is prepared,

And strong within her skin.


Once small, oh so small,

But now a new form of being.


She's all grown up,

And her once faint light,


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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