Only Me

From my young age

When I was insecure,

I saw the world

And wanted more.

But love and kindness

I did not see.

No, I only wanted

More for me.


As I grew up

And began to fear,

I realized I didn’t

Want to be here.

Angry and bitter

To the bone.

I craved more for me,

And me alone.


But one day

I saw a man,

Who carried

On his back a lamb.

Though injured

And covered in mud,

He held it close

And wiped away its blood.


I watched with awe

In shocked surprise,

And found

I could not sympathize.

How could that man

Display such care,

When it can never pay him back-

This service is unfair!



I asked the man

How he came

To care for a filthy lamb.

Only help yourself

I say,

Life is much easier

That way.


He turned my way

With loving eyes;

A knowing look,

And answered no replies.

But continued

To hold his sheep

With a look of pure love-

Enough to make me weep.


Confused and touched

I walked away.

But looking back

On it today,

My eyes are open;

I now can see,

The lamb the man cared for

Was me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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