Thu, 06/27/2019 - 20:19 -- Arie652

I wonder as I ponder, these halls seem to trap. 

My mind starts to wander as I feel my heart fall back. 

Fear I once succomed to, my eyes shot down,

The halls I feared, sat in my lungs relieved to be found, 

Allowing my legs to pass, through the gates I once feared,  


The enclosed image of all I was apart of, decided to reveal.

As you allow your mind to expand, you can grow from what you were. 

The path you had begun, slowly takes formation,

As you find your way, your fears will be taken 


All fear can be left behind

If only you heed this rhyme 

Become the flower 

that once was a bud,

for if you fear the sun 

you wont be loved. 



- to grow from who you were in the begining requires the allowence of light,

to become a flower a symbol of growth, you have to fight the personal demons that 

make you feel trapped. 


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