Confidently Lost and Found

Confidently lost in a world of regrets.Where birds sing sweet melodies of the butterfly effect.Searching through the cosmic skies of my demise,I see the lullabies of lies that crave the attention of the midnight vibe,And as I look into its eyes i see my untold story. Where the holdings of my dreams seem to have no glory. But I seem to have found the underline between the lines of my future.Where the fragrance of love becomes apart of my soul.Where the beauty of my being becomes the one thing that you think is deceiving.Comfortably indulging in the watering of creations under the impression of what i used to be. Thinking it's too late but i can't wait to see the growth of my seed.Where the new things that I plant have visions of the unseen,And where my lullabies of lies find truth in weathered scene.Where my aspirations find glory in cosmic skies of my demise.  

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