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There are inside some men the nerve to hate. While some are born with nerve to tolerate. When did we come to have such separate minds?
Everybody is equal  No one is differnent Due to color or race We treat people equal   Love is Love We smile when we see it  We all love, it is a guarantee But it is up to you to believe 
What we see What we hear Wont be here in a thousand years What we taste What we touch Someday there won't be as much What we do What we smell Will all be gone if we don't treat Earth well
Born to love Taught to hate  Stranded between nature and nurture.  Your soul and your skin furiously debate until your skin
What's the point in being black if I have to hide it like a disease? If I wear my vocabulary like a fac
A ban on one is a ban on all for the blood that’s let the oxygen inhaled the emotion felt the heart that beats they are universally one and adhere to no borders or  boundaries
by Ariel Douglas (31 May 2018)   God’s face is all around us Walking down every street His eyes His nose His cheeks
You may look at me, But why do you stare? Have I grown two heads, Does this cause you despair? Did some wings just sprout upon my back? Do I look to be crazed, like I'm going to attack?  
In the world of a cultural salad, I am not American nor Guatemalan I do not engage in my family's culture I do not speak perfect Spanish yet I learned it first I do not resemble that of my family 
Dear Mr. White, Do you remember the fear on the faces lit up by the tiki torches you carried, and the way that kid's mom begged you to Please not shoot her little girl's daddy, but you did because he was black?
Once upon a time, in a tower- tall, far and kept away lived Rapunzel, a secret princess in her day   Her father, the King made a mistake he could not take back
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Fair-skinned, beautiful, and kind She sings, birds listen, and fly to her hand The World fights against her, and she smiles still. This is the Fairy-tale Princess,
You know...... It's f*cked up when you realize that every adjective that describes you has to be justified and equalized through a movement. From women's rights, to civil rights, and gay rights,
In my skin they try to attack. In my skin I'm proud to be black. In my skin they hate that. In my skin is my true habitat. Ok let's get straight to the past and facts. It's not easy being me, not easy being you.
They put us in oppression. They drown us in depression. It's nothing but discrimination. They try to kill our brown brothers in immigration. They try to burn us down because they have the heart of Satan.
Before, my skin and hair were plain Yellow skin, long fair hair Head to toe I would wear a splatter of colors   Red Green Blue Yellow, always yellow  
I tried to list out all the problems in society. But there are so many in this country.   Racists and Rapists run rampant, Some even run for office And they get elected.
Colors must be Important. Why else Would people Paint with them Or have a favorite Or hate someone because
They say “make America great again” Again? As if there was ever a time in which America was great
What were you doing the night of August 28, 1955? How were you feeling on May 15, 1970? Where were you on March 3, 1991? What about on April 29, 1992? October 9, 2005?  
As blood gushes out of my wound and spills onto streets that someone in mine or yours were slaves on,  I do not think about #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter.
It's funny because a couple years ago I thought racism was over It's funny because when my mom told me segregation still exists I didn't believe her.
fun fact: the daughters of the south asian diaspora have some of the highest suicide rates in the united states of america.
We are a "friendly city"; So proclaimed the big white sign. Please stay as long as you would like,
I  am crumpled. I am tumbling through a busy street- not lifted by this wind but dragged.   I  am breathing. I am lucky the paper bag is about
God made us even, He says we're all the same, He tells us to love another, Each and every passing day.
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