The City of White

We are a "friendly city";

So proclaimed the big white sign.

Please stay as long as you would like,

(If your skin is white like mine).


Why have they lived so long in this

Monochromatic state?

Some say there's no real answer, or

It's some strange twist of fate.


Don't get caught there after midnight,

If you're a different hue.

Leave town while there's still time,

Before they aim a gun at you.


They won't change a hundred years,

Their town has lived this way.

There is no change of view in sight,

Their minds are set and there to stay.


A person of a different color,

Will certainly have to go.

The only people allowed there,

Are people white like snow.


This prejudice continues ,

And until they see the light.

This town dark in its ignorance,

Remains forever white.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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