Do you not see?


United States
34° 43' 8.7276" N, 118° 15' 9.5832" W

God made us even,
He says we're all the same,
He tells us to love another,
Each and every passing day.

We claim that we do love him,
And follow his every word,
He tells us all to love,
Not by color, that's absurd.

You claim to be a Christian,
If not, loving and kind,
But when you see a color,
You fill with spite then unwind.

You claim to be a Christian,
But the Bible does not dictate hate,
God made people color,
Not for you to discriminate.

He made us all equal,
Do you not see,
Black, white, red, or yellow,
The same, aren't we?

Why must you hate,
Your neighbor so near,
The one who helps pay for you,
Each and every year.

Black or Hispanic,
We are all the same,
We all pay our taxes,
For the services YOU claim.

You claim they are more violent,
And even if this is so,
Wouldn't you too be cruel,
If shunned amongst the world?

If you were judged,
Simply for color,
Given ghettos and hate,
You too,
Would share the same fate.


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