Tue, 12/07/2021 - 18:26 -- JPGeo

There are inside some men the nerve to hate.

While some are born with nerve to tolerate.

When did we come to have such separate minds?

Those who condemn and those accepting other kinds.


Were primal ones as hateful to each other

That they would rage against a man, a child, a mother

Because they had a different color skin or face

Did they pass on a gene to hate a different race?


Do we even know the source of all this rage,

A fire of hate so hot we’d force them to be slaves?

We say, this country belongs to us and not to you

But what is ours we took away from someone too.


We act like children who will not spare a toy

So that another child is not allowed to share the joy.

Everything we need to know, we learned in school

Don’t bite, be kind, live by the Golden Rule.


Can this vile nerve be severed or maybe healed

Or the best we may expect is that it be concealed?

 I say, shout with voices louder, brown, black and white

And put a muzzle on racist dogs who dare to fight.


Too long our brothers have suffered from white zeal.

Together let us make a strong and broad appeal

And for this nerve of hate make no apology

Instead, correct our wayward anthropology.


Demand with fists raised high, hate shall not stand.

We all are equal here, upon this favored land.

Our ways are right, your ways are wrong.

Our kingdom come – Our will be done

So help us God.



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