It's Funny

It's funny because a couple years ago I thought racism was over

It's funny because when my mom told me segregation still exists

I didn't believe her.

It's funny because my parents had to tell my older brother that people were afraid of him.

It's funny because he was 11.

It's funny because, now that he's 20, my parents have to tell him not to go outside "looking too black."

It's funny because he can't wear hoodies

He can't wear pants that are too baggy 

He can't have his hands in his pockets

He can't do anything

It's funny because because my dad has been pulled over for "stealing" the car he paid for with his own money.

It's funny because people get mad when you don't laugh at theit racist jokes.

"You're too sensitive."

"Come on, Alyssa, it was just a joke."

It's funny because it's not funny anymore.

It's my life.

And it's serious now.

Selling cigarettes while black? You're dead.

Kill 9 people while white? You get a bulletproof vest.

We're expected to be calm about it

And when we aren't, we're unruly thugs.

My brothers and sisters are being killed

And I'm supposed to be calm?

It's just so funny.

So funny how even in America this stuff happems

"Invincible America"

So funny how I'm afraid to walk outside

So funny how when it happens to a white person it's not funny anymore.

So funny how I'm expected to laugh it off.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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