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One job may change my life you see, From streets, to office desk, or sea. There are passions, there are hobbies, Jobs as front desk clerks in lobbies. We work so we may live our lives,
Want a change? Change society... ways of thinking Society is behind the issues we face; the established norms dictating our way of life. We follow blindly because change is terrifying,
When i speak is it kind? if not, what do i say?  When i look is it promising? if not, i will look away When i touch is it gentle? if not, my hands will reside in my pocket When i laugh is it genuie?
The sounds of beats and rhythms make hands clap, Lips mouthing familiar words on time, Louder it soon becomes, making feet tap,
Think about the time you got up and left
If I see what nobody else sees, I’ll be labeled with the crazies. Even if reality is what one perceives, If there’s nobody to share it with, It might as well be a myth. Reality becomes a hallucination
I have so many thoughts in my head. I can’t speak them, I must keep them instead. I think thoughts that thunder in my brain; I stir them around as I wonder if I am sane.
Beep. Beep. Beep. The heart rate monitor rings Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock chimes with endless cruelty Thump. Thump. Thump. The doctor's footsteps haunt the halls
Water glints and bounces off my surface like dancers swaying to a silent sound. Pieces of me laying helpless upon the ground, grimace with jagged mouths. Broken beyond repair, I just lie there.
Take a look inside me/Go on, look past my outer shell, my skin and bones/You'll find a treasured jewel/The jewel that I call my mind/Thoughts flow like a swift-moving river/through the many corners of my mind/When I am learning, I really tick/lik
When I think
When people ask me if I’m going to college, I say yes, but leave it at that. I don’t want to tell them I’m a spineless submitter to a system of postsecondary education
Children, playing, learning, Making a difference in young lives, Education is key for their future, Teaching, making a difference, Changing not only my life, But also the little lives I touch.
A step away from victory An inch away from the final A lengths away from The End Frustration, Disappointment, Blues   The ringing sensation of failure lingers   You leave wishing
I want it I really do. It is just really hard. I do it because I have to. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It hopes of one day obtaining what I need. I tell everyone that I will succeed.
I am creative and witty. I wonder if I'll ever become the best. I hear the ruckus of my thoughts banging all against my brain's wall. I see all the awards I'll be getting for my fine pieces of work.
Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher. Dyke. "You're Different" "Immoral"
Having an MD behind my name is something I yearn to proclaim. Stitching up wounds and fixing bones, this is not a job I want to postpone. I desire the day when I can say
Aluminum, plastic, cigarette butts Decorate a dusty Texas town A beer can hits my windshield, Flung from a monster truck Exhaust billows like a smokestack   Met with scoffs, my raised concern
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
Helping others is my goal,  Guilding, aiding, and serving, Always offering a helping hand, And a smile to all I meet. Bettering society is a never-ending chore. Yet to some it is not a chore, 
Thrill out of this world.Weightlessly I dream to space walk.The science I view.
We often ask ourselves how we can ease someone else’s pain When our own hurt is too much to take
One job…changed my life.
YOU need to change YOU utter words of pain Sharp enough to slit my wrist Yet clear enough for me to think Should I really end this?   The name calling the jokes It all never stops
  Rewind and Rewrite  
Don’t ask me what I want to be I probably won’t answer I have been conditioned to reply A simple “I don’t know”  
My dream job? I want to be a fighter. I want to do something meaningful, stand up for something worth fighting for. Lawyers, they don't get much respect nowadays, always looked down upon,
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
Papery skeletons of age-old trees moldering in bindings wrinkled well,
I'm sitting here at my computer ready to get on my knees. This is scholarship application number 138. No answers, no fish, no bite. No money. No school. I'm a writer. You're a writer. Writ them an essy that will blow their minds.
Strong sassy attitude, Modestly motivated. I may stumble, So I remember to keep it humble. Sometimes I may fall, But I know I can always crawl. Don' stop- always moving forward.
The music has me going in circles,
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