The Glint of Hope

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 23:25 -- khoons

A step away from victory

An inch away from the final

A lengths away from The End

Frustration, Disappointment, Blues


The ringing sensation of failure lingers


You leave wishing

If I could have made that kick before…

If I could have taken a few more strokes before...

If I could have made one more touchdown before…


…Injuring myself


I’ve felt it, I’ve dealt with it, and I surpassed it


All thanks to the doctors, the trainers, the advisors


What I want is the satisfaction of receiving the qualifications to help athletes and none athletes alike


The enjoyment of running across a freshly cut field,

The morning fog covering the distance of the pool,

The smell of freshly mopped courts,

Its thing we live for


In order to achieve the dreams and gratification of getting a little better

At what makes you, you; I want to be a part of it


I don’t want glory, I don’t want fame, I don’t want money

I want to help

Not just help, I want to inspire and give hope to the injured


I understand the pain of leaving the courts early

And feeling like you’ve abandoned the team


I want to help that passionate heart recover when it breaks

I want to learn from my patients, my peers, and anyone in between

Because I want to help the bodies of those who are determined to reach their goals


May it be a chance at the championship,

A chance to stay healthy,

A chance to regain the ability to walk,

Whatever it is, I want to help


I want to gain my degree in Sports Medicine so I can do it all

That’s where the honor and glory comes in

To be in a field where my small voice can be a glint of hope in a broken heart


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