The Mind of an Extraordinary Man


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United States
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Take a look inside me/Go on, look past my outer shell, my skin and bones/You'll find a treasured jewel/The jewel that I call my mind/Thoughts flow like a swift-moving river/through the many corners of my mind/When I am learning, I really tick/like a clock telling me how much time I need/time for ideas to jell, the 86,400 seconds in a day/the 86,400 seconds I need every day to develop my ideas/The ideas of my imagination/I can create a story with the words in my head/And masterfully craft volumes that only one author knows/That author is me, Joseph A. Conciatori/I am a skillful master of my art/The art of poetry/Without this gifted mind, writing a poem is more difficult/Than I would be if I had this intellectual nature/My mind turns on like a flatscreen television set when I think I should sell my ideas/I consider myself a natural at business/at letting my concepts and ideas reach millions of happy fans/My mind also produces thoughts of love, caring, and affection/I feel motivated by the thought of sharing my thoughts with the people who love me/especially my friends at Ramapo College/the several young ladies who look up to me/as the special man in their lives/and I feel satisfied by knowing that this/this very mindpower in the crevices of my brain/is the guiding light of inspiration.



Great poem! Keep those thoughts flowing so more poems can come and so your fans can continuously read:). Keep writing on my friend!

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