Aubrey Graham AKA Drake


Educational Background and Location

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Canada


Brief Personal Bio

Drake has a familial musical background as his father Dennis Graham, was a drummer for the rock'n' roll star Jerry Lee Lewis and his grandmother babysat Aretha Franklin. He attended Jewish day school and embraced his jewish culture on his mother's side but always felt different and excluded because he was black and jewish and white children predominantly made up the jewish population at his school. Drake claims that "being different from everyone else just made me a lot stronger."

These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

  • Favorite Book--Autobiography of Quincy Jones

  • Favorite Color--Brown

  • Favorite Music--Hip Hop

  • Favorite Band--N.E.R.D.


Common Literary Elements/Structure/Themes in their Work

Drakes "lyrical content of most of his songs is centered around emotions that are generally considered to be more genuine and heartfelt, like love, pain, and anguish, while rap is infamous for being home to what some would call a cesspool of degrading references to money, drug abuse, and sexual activity".


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What does it mean if you were matched to this artist? Why is it important?

When matched to Drake, you are matched to an artist who includes many of the similar techinques you put in your piece. For example, your piece may be centered around strong emotions you are feeling combined with repetitive and good wordplay (similar to Drake's techniques). This may be an element of your poem (or main element). It is important to recognize the similarity you have to this artist because it helps you understand more of the style of your literary work. In this instance, your work would most likely contain techniques that are similar to Drake and recognizing this could help to further develop your style and approach at writing poems.


Literary Value

Drake's music and his lyrics are "centered around emotions that are generally considered to be more genuine and heartfelt, like love, pain, and anguish" which helps create relatable content with his large audience.


List of Albums / Artist Spotify Link

Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was the Same, Views



Social Handles (Links)

twitter: @Drake, instagram: @champagnepapi