Slam Against Bullying

Roughly 80% of teens will be bullied at some point either physically, emotionally, or online. Also, it is a proven fact that bullying sucks. Create a poem and post it to this slam!

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
You say go tell my friends, you thought you was my man, but I can't understand.
1 day 22 hours ago
Let this ugly blessed be a lesson for me...
1 day 22 hours ago
What we must realize is that our mind and mouth are connected. Many times what we say comes from what we think. 
3 days 10 hours ago
'Click'... that sound Knowing I'm safe Comfort I have found I wish I had faith
6 days 6 hours ago
I lay my head on my pink pillow Starring up at the ceiling Looking back I wish she was a widow
6 days 6 hours ago